Philippe-Starck Renowned French designer Philippe Starck says he is fed up with his job and plans to retire in two years, in an interview published in a German weekly on Thursday.

"I was a producer of materiality and I am ashamed of this fact," Starck told Die Zeit weekly newspaper.
"Everything I designed was unnecessary.
"I will definitely give up in two years' time. I want to do something else, but I don't know what yet. I want to find a new way of expressing myself is a dreadful form of expression."

Starck, who is known for his interior design of hotels and Eurostar trains and mass consumption objects ranging from chairs to tooth brushes and lemon juice squeezers, went on to say that he believed that design on the whole was dead.

"In future there will be no more designers. The designers of the future will be the personal coach, the gym trainer, the diet consultant," he said.

Starck said the only objects that he still felt attached to were "a pillow perhaps and a good mattress." But the thing one needs most, he added, was the "ability to love".

以上 是在German Weekly裡的採訪內容

在另一個知名的設計網站Yanko Design
(至少是我自己常看啦 不知道在設計界有不有名 他一天可能都更新兩三次 我個人很喜歡)
(不過好像是韓國人的 因為會發現很多設計者都姓Park或Kim 也可能是韓國設計真的太強了就是了 唉... 離題了)

Philippe Starck: “Design is Dead”
Posted by Anthony James in All Archive, Interview
March 28, 2008 10:59 am, 492 Views

It seems Philippe Starck has made enough toothbrushes, toasters, watches, mopeds, chairs, trendy hotels, mediocre sushi restaurants and piles of money. So what is this shamelessly self promoting product designer doing now to get attention? Biting the hand that feeds him of course. In a recent interview with Germany’s Die Zeit Magazine, Mr. Starck proclaims the “death of design.” No longer satisfied with his life’s work and feeling that everything he ever designed was ” unnecessary”, the close to retiring designer wants to rain on everyone else’s design parade and create nothing but controversy. While I do agree with him that all he “created is absolutely useless”, I do have to argue his point that “design is dead.” There are countless designers (amateur and professional) delivering and working on products that enhance life, bring joy and make this world a little easier to deal with for people in all walks of life. Yes, there are many more designers working on mostly frivolous items we feature daily on Yanko Design, but those designs seem to just inspire us and push design further and into the mainstream consciousness of the world. Good design is always better than bad design, no matter the usefulness of any object. In his defense, if I spent an entire lifetime making objects of frivolity, I might be inclined to be introspective as well. Donate your money to worthy charities, help the helpless or lecture on the importance of environmentally sustainable, life enhancing objects, just don’t claim design to be dead and expect to exonerate yourself from the life you designed for yourself. Design is no where near dead, it just may be dead in Mr. Starck.

Philippe Starck 大師 我想我叫他大師應該不會有人有意見吧
他居然在German Weekly發表這樣的言論 老實講 我覺得他不是瘋了

當然啦 不諱言 他真的很優秀 而且理性來看 他也只是講出一些老實話
現在的設計真的絕大部份都是些鳥東西 純好看 其實實用性似乎不佳
我整天看到一些過季的設計品 只是一堆模子開發出來的複製品罷了
潮流一過 這些玩意兒都只是為了讓設計師印鈔票用的污染物 
浪費了過多的地球資源啊 (還有人力資源)

看一下近代的有用設計 都是一些超簡單的玩意兒
原子筆 迴紋針
現在的設計師只是在這些根本上一直打轉 (或者難聽點叫他空轉)
對社會影響大嗎? 嗯 其實還蠻微乎其微的啦..
大同電鍋最近也大改板 除了我覺得好看外 其實好像沒啥大長進

就我的感覺 絕大部份的設計品 都已經到了設計表皮 都是為了那些生活太富足
錢太多沒地方花 只好買一些與眾不同的東西 (但實質上與一般東西差不多)

在落後的地方 我管你椅子長什麼樣子 還百大名椅 經典燈具
我一張板凳在白燈 底下就能過了大半日子


Starck真的是過激了 總不能自己賺飽了就說以後的設計師都要失業

"你們的好日子已經過去了!! 準備好薄利多銷 不然就轉行吧!!"

雖然他的東西騙不到我的錢 因為我錢根本沒那麼多

這樣好無趣喔!!!! Starck桑 你變了!!


(以上言論會被工設系同學轟殺吧我..算是我念不到的一種酸葡萄心態嗎 哈哈哈)



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